How does a 100 year-old company fuel innovation for the future of heavy duty manufacturing and remanufacturing?

Jamie Irvine hosts The Heavy-Duty Parts Report, a podcast related to all things heavy duty. In this episode, our CEO, Robert Isherwood, delves into that topic as well as the importance of an open book team, vehicle maintenance,  and why the best parts are made by our hometown heroes who have done the work. “It’s about the people – the technicians, the engineers, the operators, and so on. We’re playing a team sport and the health of the whole team is the most important aspect for winning.  We believe in the people who are using our products,  because we are those people. We were once the Marine or the Soldier or the Truck Driver. And everyone one of our hometown heroes, from the war fighter to an over-the-road driver needs power they can count on.”

So how does this employee owned “100-year-old start up” provide products and services that innovate an industry? It’s about purpose, playfulness, and having fun. Manufacturing is evolving and has become about creating value on a  small scale with an infinite number of solutions for any problem. “We’re now able to do things in terms of cost efficiencies of small scale product development and service provision. You can tailor a product or solution for specific problem. Manufacturing, instead of being about massive scale becomes manufacturing at human scale, and that is really exciting. We power work, and there will always be work to do.”

Listen to the podcast here.