AMBAC International has launched the Great Game of Business, a proven system of open-book management which teaches everyone to think and act like business owners. At the heart of this approach is a need to “close the gap” between employees and managers.  Our belief is that when all employees have a stake in the outcome, improvements are seen in the experiences of the team, the customers, and the suppliers.

The principles of “The Great Game of Business” are deep-seated in the concept of teams being aware of all actions in an organization and having the authority and responsibility to initiate change, giving them  a stake in the results of the company as a whole. This creates a true transformation of an engaged staff sharing burdens and  successes, as well as problem solving.  Ultimately, this system works because people innately support what they help create.

AMBAC has used the principles of “The Great Game of Business” to solicit engagement across the spectrum of departments and employees.  Everyone;  from customer-facing sales and service staff, to engineering and order fulfillment employees, to all levels of management, each and every single staff member  is aware, engaged, and accountable for improving the AMBAC experience and effectively maintaining the brand.

Management has been pleased with the results thus far.  Peter Marriott,  controller states, “Our team has been quite responsive to the concepts of The Great Game of Business and has adopted the principles successfully.  I have seen immediate improvements in the mindsets of all employees as they realize their individual impacts on our company.  Communication among team members, departments, and management has been enhanced and productivity has improved across the board.  I believe the AMBAC team and AMBAC customers’ best days are yet to come. I already see improvements in empowerment, education, communication, and team work, and we are having some fun along the way.”