By Lori Murray

In celebration of World Reman Day 2019, AMBAC International hosted an event on April 11, 2019 for employees and their families as part of an effort to educate the public about the value of remanufacturing fuel injection equipment for heavy duty engines and draw attention to this critical part of the US economy.

AMBAC was honored to have the mayor of our hometown, Elgin SC, present at the event. Her honorable, Melissa Emmons, spoke of the importance of remanufacturing on the environment, as well as the incredible amount of industry and financial benefits that remanufacturing provides for the town and its people. In addition, Mayor Emmons presented AMBAC with a framed “Proclamation” declaring that April 11, 2019 is officially World Remanufacturing Day in Elgin in an attempt to bring more focus on the importance of remanufacturing products in our local area.

Mayor Emmons Presenting AMBAC with 2019 Reman Procolamation

In addition to the lectures provided by Mayor Emmons and Engineering Technician Darius Kelly, employees were treated to an afternoon of delicious food as well as a friendly coemption of various lawn games! To commemorate the event, attendees were gifted with a re-usable drink mug to keep with the theme of reducing harm of the environment.

Re-Usable Drink Mugas to Commemorate the Event

Melody Feaster, Customer Service Manager had this to say about the event, “I was so excited to participate in Reman Day 2019!    AMBAC International does both new and remanufacturing products and in recent years has been turning up the volume on remanufacturing.” She continues, “This day brought us all closer together and we had a chance to celebrate with each other and have some fun.   When you reman a product, you are helping our environment.  Our products will not end up in landfills / junk yards / scrap yards after the first use.   We can continue to remanufacture them as long as the basic core is good. We need to always think about reducing our carbon footprint, and what a way to bring everyone’s attention to it.”

In all, the day proved to be educational, team-building and morale boosting! It is safe to say that AMBAC’s first ever celebration of World Remanufacturing Day was an event that was enjoyed by all. We look forward to seeing what next year’s celebration has in store!